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  1. that's ok
    and it's like games
    and I love resident
    I've been playing God of War II on the hard mode - it's too harder - and Destroy all humans...that's cool
  2. I don't really like anime; I'm more of a gamer.
    I have a MySpace, but I never go on it anymore. I have a dial-up connection and it hasn't been loading lately...
    Thanks for the message.

  3. Maybe I shall use them...but what would you do???you dont have anypower
    Thank you for your coment...but I like more to play guitar than drums...
    You seem great to me too...a girl whose like offspring and anime is not easy to find out
    that's cool
    do you have myspace or msn????

    bye Cof1000.
  4. What would you do, fight me off with your drumsticks?
    Drummers are kewl.

  5. hi conspiracy of one thousand
    take your pokeball and beat me if you can...

    kisses 4 u...
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