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  1. It's near 6 seconds.
  2. Hmm, nope, I don't hear it . How many seconds into the song is it?
  3. Ca you hear a worng hit on Change the World?
  4. Listen with loud sound or with good headphones (maybe the phones you use on e-drum xD).

    I format my pc and dont installed the software (yet)... I "lost" my free time... The univ and work "steals" my free time... Per week I travel 500km on home > univ > home... It's a lot... My schedule is.... hmmm... a little bit crazy: monday, tuesday, I have math. Wednesday Math and Physics. Thursday programming and finally, friday, Math LOOOOOOOOL Is a "beautiful" schedule eheh

    When I record something, I send to you
  5. Hehe, I see
  6. Hmm, interesting. I'll have to find the album and listen to the song now I'd never noticed before.
    So, have you done anymore drum covers for me yet?
  7. I deleted the message because I decided to organize the text...
  8. hey, how are you?

    I want tell you something.. maybe a "theory"...

    Yesterday (when I drive to the univ) I start listening "Change the World" (by The Offspring) and I hear something... So, I rise up the volume and I confirm that sound I heard before: Before Ron play with the hi-hats, you can hear a wrong "hit" on hi-hats... So, my theory is...

    Or... when the band recording the album, Ron's make a little mistake
    Or... Maybe the hi-hat were not part of the music, but Ron hit them, he decided to put them on the music LOOL

    This sound is before the hi-hats starting...

    What do you think? Am I that am I hearing things? LOOL
  9. You left me a message then deleted it. Why?
    And, how are you?
  10. Heeey. You should start a band! Advertise yourself
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