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  1. I wonder why that is on the fence!
  2. now do you see the original prankster on the fence?!
  3. ddaaammmnnn :P

    that pic maybe could be a request :P
  4. Plus the camo penguin says miguel next to it!
  5. aaahhhhh now I remember
  6. You told me a long time ago! I just don't normally forget. If you look in our conversation from the time I joined it should be in there somewhere. You said the "M" in your username was for your name and the "R" was for Rutegard!
  7. hey, how are you?

    where you "found" my name?
  8. (Directed to ospringfan112113)

    Well I don't!

    Anyway Hi Miguel!
  9. i aint eatin turkey. i am tryin to be a vegetarian(i am forced to eat meat for protein sometimes) besides turkey taste like metal(or blood)
  10. ahah thanks!
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