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  1. Me too.
    Thats good you can finally relax
    Im not really doing much(very boring)Im working on some drawings and stuff but thats it.
  2. Hey, I'm fine. you?

    I was busy lately.. Now I on vacation... finally
    I'm sick of stupidity of some people on the forum... So, I retired for a while

    and you?
  3. Hey man I havn't heard from you in a while
    Whats up?
  4. No problem
  5. thanks!!
  6. Happy Birthday dude!
  7. (directed to dexter12296566)
    Well I do!
    anyways,Hi Easter Bunny!
  8. loooool

  9. (directed to dexter12296566)
    Hey I like the taste of metal and blood! Lol
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