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  1. ahah

    Thanks man!!
  2. Happy birthday, Migs! I didn't know you were my age.
  3. project... basically it's create on "hybrid" drum set...

    I'll buy one minimal acoustic set (bass drum, snare and maybe toms) and add my actual drum set (roland TD3) on acoustic... so, with acoustic+electronic I create my "hybrid" drum set And finally, I connect this drum kit on my computer
  4. Dude, so I get to teach you something! As soon as you close that tab accidentally, you just press "crtl+z" or go to Edit/Undo. Try it out!

    That's pretty cool about the drums. What kind of project do you have in mind?
  5. my drums... doing well... I have one project for that drum set, but before, I need money, and money only end of this month...

    close tabs accidentally... I need to solution too LOOL Maybe (un)select an option... I dont know yet... but, Opera rullez
  6. Hahaha, yeah. I figured that out. And it is a very handy tool. I've basically forgotten all about Firefox now! lol. Oh, and have you figured out how to open a tab that you just closed? I found that out by mistake. :P

    Other than that, I'm fine, thanks! Having a hard time trying to start a freaking band, but I'm making good progress. How about you? How's drums going?
  7. hey, how are you?

    I'm wrong with one thing on opera... the box with users and pass... To open that box I said to press down quickly left+right mouse buttons... right? wrong LOOL To open that box, just hold down left mouse button and press the right button... it's simple LOL
  8. hey, another option on Opera: if you press the left button twice on one word, appears a menu with various options (copy, search, translate, etc)...
  9. I have 3 or 4 and enough! ehehe
  10. Hahaha, I guess you're right about that. And the addons thing makes sense. I kinda do have a lot of them :P
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