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  1. Yeah, I'm waiting for new album too, so come here as can too...

    That's true, homework sucks...
  2. yeah thatīs school

    Itīs good when there is no
    homework to do, so we can be here

    I want to know when the next album
    is going to come out
    so Iīm here when I can
  3. Hey!!!

    I'm doing fine, what about you?
    I have school work to do, so I'm not around here as I used to, so I know what you mean...

    Take care you too!!!
  4. hi! how u doing????
    havenīt been around
    I just wanted to say hi 2 U

    take care
    c ya!
  5. Yeah!!! I'm still tired, I still have 3 exams to do... They are not very complicated and I'm almost free so I started relaxing slowly and I'll be fine soon...
  6. haha yep
    I really needed
    a break,
    thnks god the pricipal
    gave us this last week
    and we don't have
    to go this monday either
    so.... it's great

    how about U
    r u still tired?
  7. Yeah, with school!!!

    Here it's the same thing... evaluation time... I'm becoming crazy with so much work...
  8. because of school?

    here it's like evaluation time
    and we have to make some tests
    and a lot of homework
    it is tired
  9. I've been really really busy!!! I'm so tired!!!

  10. Iīv been fine

    howībout U?
    is there something new?
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