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  1. You're welcome!!! How have you been?
  2. ow! thnk you so much
    G R A C I A S!!!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday!!
  4. really?? why?

    and now my career
    it's getting interesting
    because you're speaking in english
    all the time
    and doing that here in mexico
    isn't semething of everyday
    and since I know some of the language
    it's easy and also funny
    because my classmates
    don't know so much
    so they're always like: what????
    I really like english language
    but teaching is completely different
    and complicated :S
    but I think that's something that you have
    to go trough in every career and at the end
    you get the good things
    like money yeih!
  5. hi!!! I'm fine too thnks
    oh! hahaha!
    wow! journalism has to be great
    that's really cool

    teaching is boring
    but that's what I'm goin to be
    a teacher
    an english teacher
  6. ok
    so how u doin now???
    by the way, what r u studying?
  7. oh! ok
    well u know I can help u

    and I'm fine too
    I haven't been
    a while around here
    but I'm ok
    thnks anyway
    umm well c ya
    take care
    hope to write u back soon!
  8. yeah! well actually I think
    portuguese itīs kinda difficult....
    by the way how u doin
    u r already takin spanish lessons?
  9. ok thnks
    I was wondering.........
    how do you say...
    I love U ???

  10. hola!!!
    ok I will do that
    thnks 4 the advice

    And sure!
    you can ask me whatever you want
    I'll help U
    I know spanish perfectly
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