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  1. ok
    oh! that's interesting
    n we don't have that ummm.... letter? I guess, this one:
    but how did U learn english???
    It's really good
    here in my town teachers just
    don't teach that level of
    language, I don't even know
    if my english is clear enough
    but I hope so.................
    so let me know if I make a mistake please

    and what else would U like to know
    about spanish language Mary ????????
  2. aaaaaaaaaaaah! now I see
    Im good thnks!!!
    n U????????????????
    Nice 2 meet U Maria
    can I call U Mary?????
    Ok Ill teach U spanish
    to say Hi or Hello U say Hola
    teach me portugues
  3. really???
    n how did u get being a senior member so fast????
    awesome!!! give me some tips, share 'em ;D
    n yeah I'm Nancy from mexico
    n U????
  4. hello!!!
    senior memer???
    that's grr8 ;-)

    well I'm new here
    but I ♥ offspring
    so... I hope 2 meet more members
    c ya!!!
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