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  1. Hi, Nancy! How have you been?
  2. oh! yeah! I forgot
    I was in a Hawaian dance club too
    and I have a lot of videos
    of those dances but
    I have them in cassettes
    I don't know if a can upload 'em
    I guess I can't do it
    some advice?

    and I'd love to know/see some of ur writings and

    I know some songs in the flute
    but no I don't play any other instrument
    I'd like to learn how to play
    the guitar and the drums
    how 'bout U????
  3. umm... yeah I have a group
    of folkclore dance, but I do dance
    at a party or some club
    and if u want I'd teach u how 2 dance
    It's really easy

    so u write???
    like poems or something?
    what kind of cartoons do u make?
    computers r interesting
    and music........
    well, we all here love music
    good music

  4. thnks!!! bonita is nice
    and u r welcome
    U r really good
    and ok I hope u come soon 2
    well about what I like 2 do...
    I really like to dance
    and go out with some of my friends
    but sometimes I just wanna be with my family
    and enjoy it

    what about u?
  5. hey dude u r pretty pretty good!!!!!!
    I was just listenin 2 ur songs
    I really like īem

    ummm no I donīt know where that town is
    Iīv never been there
    but I wish some day I could go
    and Iīd be ur 2nd singer
    I live in a place called Puebla
    itīs pretty here
    U should come someday
    if u can
    I can show U the city
  6. *I mean 2nd lead singer
  7. yeah! I'd love 2 listen ur songs
    n be 2nd leader ......
    here in my town offspring is not that famous either
    but I love it
    I like all the albums but
    Americana and conspiracy
    are my favorite ones
    and I love those songs 2
    actually yeah! it's really had to choose
    and where R u from????
  8. really??? how that come???
    well I do listen 2 'em what's your favorite song or album???
    and if u need a singer 4 Ur band
    I'm here ......... I think have a band would be awesome
    good luck with that

    well I'm student
    hopefully I will be an english teacher
    n what'd U like to study???
  9. :-D yeah thatīs almost the same story :-D
    itīs great 2 be here and know people with
    things like music in common ;-)
    well at least where I live
    thereīs not very ppl that know offspring
    :-( that suxXX ;-)
    so itīs very nice 2 meet U !!!
    Iīm a huge fan 2
    and.. what do U do???
  10. nice 2 meet u 2
    I think I started to listenin offspring since I was like... 9
    because of my uncle, but I didn't know
    much about the band then, I was more interested
    in stuffs like u know cartoons and dolls
    but then I grew up and when I was 15 I started
    to listen offspring again, now I'm 19 ...
    how 'bout U, how long...?
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