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  1. thank you!!!
  2. happy birthday 4 ya!so have funnn!
  3. weekends re sometimes so funny but sometimes poff anyway i like these days!
  4. oh i see, ok, i'm bored too it's weekend so it's always boring...
  5. HEHE welcome poff :im boring
  6. poff.nevermind!
  7. ok isee ,so 666 bless you!what do you read in university?
  8. hey, sorry i'm writing back so late, but university started again and i only get about 3 hours sleep at night...too much to do, and no time for anything. 666*
  9. thanx im ok.and i guess;its your holly number!so feel the welfare of 666
  10. yeah i'm still in but enjoying my last days on r u ?
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