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  1. yeah thank you!
  2. Hey, Lili. Happy birthday!
  3. no, not really. still studying and now I am on holidays. Have to look for a practical training abroad...see what will happen.
  4. Yep, yep. I'm okay, thanks. Anything new?
  5. fine fine, thanks. what about you? are you okay?
  6. Hey! Not much is up. How have you been?
  7. Hi, what's up?
  8. Hi, Lili.
  9. hey, sorry i'm late...i am on vacations right now but still at home lol. enjoying my freetime and sleeping a lot... . i can't change it anymore, it's actually too late and well trying to make the best out of it. thanks for the offer to write pms but i'm not that kind of man/woman who wants to nerve others with personal probs. but thanks anyway. sometimes it's ok with him and sometimes i could kill him, it depends on my moods loool. how is the weather over there, we are actually freezing it's damn cold and it's snowing all the time. i don't know what kind of sick weather it is, it just sucks...well take care bye
  10. Ha, that is an interesting choice of study. Now the whole thing with Maria (Duskygrin) is making more sense. Good for you, though Are you too far into it to change? Yeah, California would be an excellent choice. I like New York, but CA seems more laid back and fun. And sunny (even though I'm not a big sun fan).

    If you want to send me PMs, that's okay. If not, that's okay, too.
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