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  1. hehe, yeah i always think of people who seem to be nice to me. i am studying english and french at the university for applied sciences in cologne...sounds weird right? but it's ok, i don't really like it and i am waiting for the millions you're going to share with me in the next million years loool. thanks by the way...haha. yeah if iu had money i would love to live in CA and have always nice sunny sun and beach and so on. you know dreams...

    yeah my bf and i have a lot of trouble i don't wanna write it down in here,...that's too personal. but anyway thanks for asking.

    so if you would like to know something about germany let me know. i can tell you nice places and so on...bye lili
  2. Hehe, well I'm glad you thought of me then. You know, I'm still very undecided on what I want to with my life. I'll hopefully get the degree, and then let it take me where it wants to go. What are you studying? Yeah, I hope you can get to come over here if you want to. Money is always the problem, ain't it? If I win the lottery any time soon, I'll share it with you then, okay? lol

    Sorry you say your bf sucks. What's the problem? And yeah, I do have a gf. If you see darea around here, that's her.
  3. no i don't have a hisband, i have a boyfriend and he really sucks...what about you?
  4. hey, you don't suck, i sent you a reminder lol, so i show that i remember you! computer sciences sound very good. in which direction would you prefer to work? or what specific way are oyuo going to choose? yeah i would love to come over there and live there, but you know without money you cannot do let's pray for me to win the lottery! *g*

  5. Okay, I'm ready

    My sister lived in Germany for about 5 years because her husband's in the Army. Heh, as I said, I can't remember the city, but none of those you named seem familiar. I think it was close to Frankfurt, though. So you seem to love the states. Do you plan to live here some day? That'd be cool. And do you have a boyfriend/husband?

    I will be studying computer science. I can't wait!
  6. Lili! Heeey. I'm sorry I never replied back to you. I suck! I'm fine and just about to go to bed. How are you?

    I'll answer the old thing a little later.
  7. hey whats up? are you ok?
  8. hi, yeah lili is my full name. pretty easy. i'm so tired, i had an exam today and it was the hardest i ever wrote but i passed it quite good and now i'm really relieved. so, let me think. your sister has been to germany, big city...maybe hamburg? berlin? frankfurt? i live in hagen, you can check it out in googleearth i think. it's a small city next to cologne. it's ok. i don't really like it, i prefer some american state to live...but no money...tell me more about you. what are you going to study?
  9. Hi, sorry I didn't get back to you. Heh, I forgot you were the last to speak. Wow, twice in New York is pretty cool. I've only been once. Err, I don't even remember where my sister was. I would recall it if I heard the name. I believe it was a major city. She's back here now, though. So your full name is Lili? I love it! Mine is Randy.
  10. hehe, you can ask me anything you want to. but if it gets too personal please use the pm function otherwise i could be embarassed. i was in new york two times but it's already6-7 years ago now... where is your sister? lookking forward to read your message...later lili
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