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  1. Wooow, good job. Most people I tell don't know where NC is. lol I'm interested to know how much you know about the US, but I can't think of anything to ask now. I'm not at uni, but I will be by next semester. What do you study? I do like Germany, but I've never been. I could have gone a year ago to visit my sister, but I was already in England and didn't have any money :S I really want to go, though!
  2. yes sure I know where that is. I know everything about the Are you at the uni too? Do you like Germany?
  3. Hehe, I'm glad to have your permission. I am from the US, the state of North Carolina. Every heard of it/know where it is?
  4. lol, yeah i am at uni. where are you from? it doesn't matter you can write as much as you please so fell
  5. Same here, thanks! Don't mean to start a random conversation with ya, but I was bored. So you're from Germany, eh? Are you in uni?
  6. goody thanks what 'bout ya?
  7. Hello, there. How's it going?
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