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  1. You're welcome!
    Oh, and it must feel awesome to be 18. Hopefully I will try this feeling next year :P
    Oh, and it's always awesome to talk to you to, though I kind of always try to speak in Spanish and mess up
    Mi espaņol es una mierda, jajajaja =)
    kisses, talk to you later, ma'am.
  2. Thank you gustavoo! I can't believe i'm actually 18. I've been waiting for this so long..thanks for being always there for me, and I enjoy veery much talking to you in the msn or microphone either, thanks for being so nice. Kisses! talk to you later sr
  3. Hey Teff!
    Feliz cumpleaņos!
  4. heyy! thankss!
    Im so lazy here in the forum :P
    i have to return and comment and all that
    have a really happy new year!

    my best wishes
    and talk to you later
  5. Hey, how's it going?
    I hope you have a great 2009!!
    enjoy it a lot
  6. :O

    that's awsomeeeeee
    really really cool
  7. Does Mota count? *_*
  8. :O

    what a pity
    Did they play any song in particular?
    I mean an unusual song
  9. hey, how's it going?
    as far as I know, they were all great.
    but, unfortunately, the concert I went to was the worst one of the tour.
  10. Heyy you must tell me how was the show in brasil
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