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  1. Thank youuuuuuuu free! (?) :P haha
    I've been waiting for this day for soo long :P, I have my own reasons, but well, that's another story. Thank you for writing in my profile Kissess booy
  2. Happy birthday and welcome to the adult life! ;P
  3. Hello! You have private message receiving turned off, so I'm writing here. Could you link/send me a picture of yours for the RAFRAG covers booklet? :P
  4. Alright then :P. If i can only chat I'd download it again...gustavo recommended it to me...i'm so bored lately, too much holidays and we were talking about practising english, and he told me it was a good way. So let's see haha xD. I don't bother you anymore
  5. I use skype for exactly the same thing as I used msn - chatting. Both programs are very similar, yes, you can also voice-chat, even cam-chat, with skype, but I don't do that. Skype seems less annoying though .
  6. ohh...ive just downloaded it xD, but i deleted it...i don't understand what do you have to do :P. I mean, are phone calls, with a microphone, right? or you can write too? sorry for the question, but i don't know anything about computer programmes
  7. you deleted msn? =/
    how can you do that?

    Haha, I read this pretty often. I do chat with few friends, but that's about it. I don't have any secret msn account, but I do have a Skype one, I switched to skype from msn.
  8. you deleted msn? =/
    how can you do that? haha :P. So, you don't chat instantly with people?
    I think you have an account that you don't want people to know :O
  9. Oh haha, that's sweet, but I deleted msn long time ago, my account remains and apparently confuses a lot people on this forum ;P. So it's not anything personal that I'm not responding via msn .
  10. I added you on the msn but you never accepted my request
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