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  1. hahaha, honestly, I haven't listened much of social distortion. A few songs, but not many. It's great that are coming more and more bands here, more than in the past.
  2. Lucky Argentina, lucky you =)
  3. i saw this video when i was watching videos about argentina concert on youtube.

    So i think recognize is normal
  4. hahahah xD how did you get that? :P i don't have the link in my profile. You recognised me! (?) xD. Anyway, i'm a little bit different right now :P. I look so young there (?) hahaha.
    Sorry, you said spare me the details, i don't know if you're talking about the video, or about what i told you.
    well, see ya!
  5. Pink eye matter is make me sad.. Whatever.. You're very lucky =)

    And, i see you i see youu !!

    Spare me the details if you don't miindd hahahaha
  6. Ohh! don't worry. It happened to me also in 2004. And i was really sad, but then in 2008 it all changed, you have to be pacient only.
    Well, dexter...dexter is really nice. I don't know if he was a little bit sick or something, i think he had pink eye, as he said in the show. So all the weekend he whore sun glasses all the time, and kept a little bit distance, but i think that's the reason.
    But he always stayed, when he went out of the hotel, he stayed with the fans, and took his time for taking pictures and signing stuff again and again xD. He talked sometime also, but he didn't want to sing :P. Also he said some words in our language, wich was very nice :P. He smiled all the time.
    He was very nice when we were like...8 people, but then, it started to be more people, like 20 or more, and he didn't know what to doo! poor him, there were 20 people looking at him and asking him things at the same time, it was scary :P.
    But he's a really nice person, i wish i had prepared more things to ask him about. But it was all happened very quick and i didn't have time to prepare anything, also whatever you prepare, you forget in that moment.
    But the favorite of mine was noodles :P. I said can i hug you? and he said like OF COOURSE and huged me very strong, and other stuff :P. Unfortunately, he didn't go out anymore all the weekend.
  7. Walla walla ? Really ? Uuv good playlist.

    No i never seen They came 2005 but i could not go i live with that dream. One day i will see them. that my best dream. =)

    Can you say something about dexter ? ( i ask you cause you see him =) )
  8. yeah! also walla walla, staring at the sun, what happened to you, etc. the best show of my life! also because i met them and i waited for them all the weekend at the hotel. aah...good days. I would like to see them again
    Have you seen them live?
  9. Uhh Argentina i love there. Offspring has played Nothingtown in 2008 Argentina Concert.
  10. wow! that's beautiful, really. I'm from buenos aires, argentina..not as beautiful as where you live, but well, it's what i have haha.
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