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  1. Ohh that's okay, to be honest I'm very busy myself too most of the time so I just got 'round to reading this fully!
    Ha yeah it was quite a bit of work. And last weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, I was in the same stadium again, but now to build something. See the final result heeeeere. Actually I just helped building for 1 day. The other 3 days I was working in catering which is like.. a LOT of fun. 12 hours work a day but I didn't care. German people running the place, and between me and the other co-workes I'm the only one of the male gender, ha. Hopefully I can do it again some other but for longer period. Seriously it is that much fun.
    Pfft, yeah it's so easy to spend money huh.. I tell myself all the time not to buy stuff anymore and quite honestly I'm getting better at it. Though I couldn't refuse to buy thissss (close up from thattttt)! I looks very official and the quality is amazing. Only 26 euros!
    So from what I understand from your school system is that Public University has more prestige and a better recognized title for the job market. Even though Private University can be really expensive and exclusive? Why pay loads of money for a title that isn't as good as others?
    He, come on your English is really quite good, I can't detect any grammar or spelling mistake (though that might be because my first language isn't English either of course ;p). Hm, of course the main thing to do now is expand your vocabulary, so you can understand big words or words that aren't commonly used. So how long does it take for you to get the translator title, once you pass the 'general knowledge'-year?
    It helps a lot if you can speak English in daily life. I encounter it more and more lately. For example for the work I've written about above, I spoke a lot of English with the German people. It's easier for me than German hehe.
    Really has it been a month? :o I thought it was like a week or so.. some things just feel a lot close time-wise haha. But it's funny you care so much :)

    Pff, I always have the tendency to write very long replies on semi-long messages.. ha, enjoy.
  2. Tijs! I'm so sorry I didn't answered before, it's that i didn't have any time! I've been studing a lot, and i completely forgot about the forum.
    Here is my response, that i started before :P:
    OMG! I entered the link and i have to say that's awesome, really. That's a huge amount of work. I know what you mean, money money money, is so wanted and you want to get more and more. I'm a big spender though, so that's why i can understand.
    Well, it's complicated to explain to someone in a country with very different system.
    I'll try and see if you can understand:
    You end highschool, right? in 5th year. You have 5 years of highschool. Then, you decide if you go to the public university of this country (that has more prestige and you get a title that is more valued in the job market) or you go to a private university (there are many many, but some of them are really expensive).
    So, for what i've decided to study, english translator (i know, i have a lot of work to do to get to that), the best university i could go is the public one.
    So, to start studing the subjects for your career, you have to do a course to enter. You have subjects that are maybe not related to your career, but the university thinks that there are things you need to know, as general knowledge before you enter to the university. This course takes a year, or maybe more if you don't pass the exams. So I'm trying to do it the faster I can, because I really want to start studing what i really want to do.
    So, that's it. I don't know if i explained it alright, but i tried :P.
    Also, It improves my english to write in the forum and all that, so I really need to start doing comments in threads, and catch up what i've missed.

    Again, I'm so sorry that I'm writing to you a month after, more or less. I started writing, and I kept a file with the name "tijs" with my response haha.

    See you tijs! .take care
  3. It's been a while since we had updates so I guess we'll get something new any day now :) I think we'll get some updates before the holidays, or at least I hope so :p
    Ha yeah, my body is like "dude you gotta stop working", since what I do is all pretty physical work. But my brain is like "take whatever work you can get; moneyzzz!". So far my brain is winning the argument hehe :) This Sunday I worked for 12 hours de-constructing an event stage. Here's a photo if you care enough to click the link ;)
    Wait, so you're not actually on university yet or how does it work? Am I right that one time you told me that your school year starts in February and ends in November, or something similar? Opposite of our system, where it ends and starts in the middle of the calendar-year. So what career do you have in mind then?
  4. Yeah, i agree with that. I think we need some kind of motivation, some news :P I don't know. Well, great! it's always good to have a job, that obviously has positive and negative things.
    This year i'm finishing the year that you have to do a course to enter to the university. It is like that because i'm trying to enter to the public university, and it's always like that. Hopefully next year i'll be starting my studies for my career.
    Well, talk to you later! kisses
  5. What exam? I can't remember what exactly your studying, sorry :o And you've got holidays coming up soon? Cool, any plans yet?
    You can always talk to me via the forums or via Facebook of course! Yeah this place seems to be more quiet lately. I haven't got as much time either anymore, but that's only temporarily I hope, I'm working quite a lot now. Actually I've got something to do every day for the next 2-3 weeks :o It's insane! But nice in a way too.
    It's time for a new album or something new from the band, so people will start posting again!
  6. Uhmm not much. Tomorrow i have an important exam. I want to end it, and then rest and finally start holidays. Well, if i can't talk to you by msn, how can I? the reason that i don't talk to much people of the forum is that i don't enter much here. It's a pity. But i really don't have much to say. I don't know if the forum is dead or it's just I haven't read it in a while :P. But i've seen some comments that the forum is very quiet. I don't know what do you think.
  7. Heey yes, it has been a while! Yeah I know, I hardly ever use it any more. No obvious reason for it actually :p How are you, how's life? Still enjoying uni? :)
  8. Hey there! it's been a loooooooong time. You aren't connected in the messenger anymore :O
  9. Yeah, i think that maybe it's not that bad. But for three days i've been lazy, that's a problem now haha. Is that i've been working so hard, that i've become really stressed out. It might be that. I said i think because today i'm a little bit in bad humor, but now for any reason, there are those kind of days, don't you think? :P. The reason because i broke up with the band it's a loooooooooooooooooooong story. Maybe in another moment i'll tell you, but it's irrelevant. I'm not going to stop doing offspring covers :P I love them, and we're going to do them with my band.
    I really want to hear some people now that i have a microphone!
  10. Fine 'you think' huh? Well that doesn't sound very convincing. :( But everyone has the right for a lazy day every now and then don't you think? :p But at least you're doing something. I know plenty of people who don't do anything.
    And why did you break up with the band? You're talking about the band you've send me some mp3's from right? Don't tell me you're going to stop doing Offspring covers!
    Haha okay we should try that, I'll see if I can get online soon, let's try that stuff!
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