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  1. Woooow, I totally missed your last message. Thanks a lot! Really happy you think so.
  2. Thank you so much randy!
    I listened to your songs with your band, and you really rock! it's awesome
  3. Heeeey, Teff. Happy Birthday!
  4. Heeeeeey, Teff. Happy Birthday!
  5. oww thank you so much :P I thought that no one heard what chriis posted xD. I wanted to kill him when i first saw it...I mistaked with the lyrics several times, because that reheasal I hadn't practised what i had can do it better and i was very angry :P. But well, it's ok, when we have better covers i'm going to post it in the forum. Well, randman nice to meet youu haha . Talk to you later
  6. Aww, no need to be nervous! haha. I've heard your music with No Brakes, and you rock. Err, I don't think I can do the fast part of SIMU. I can only say the first long phrase until he takes a breath, but then it just gets LONGER. I believe Tim will do it. :P
  7. yeahh me too . I'm really nervous haha. I have to practise a lot these days to do a really good pronunciation...I'll try to do my best, and i'll push my boyfriend to do the same haha. It's going to be great. I'm really glad that karin let me do something for this, It was a great idea, i know it's not easy, because all of the members that participate on this are from different places, but it's coming to an end :P. I can't wait to listen to stuff is messed up, are you going to do the fast part?
  8. Hehe, hi Teff. Just wanted to say thanks for attempting "making it happen". I'm just so excited for it
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