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  1. Keep in touch. Share funnny things with me. I just have a feeling that you are a fun guy and funny things happen to you.
  2. No biggie, I wasn't offended or anything. Good to hear you are doing well.
  3. Lmao!! I don't want to tread on another ladys man. I misread your message making an ass out of myself. You said she was your girlfriend; so lucky. I need a boyfriend... now that I'm a survivor. My health is good again. I walk everywhere, so my body is bumpin' lolo
  4. I'm not with her right now, though I kinda wish I was
  5. Oh my but I'm so fuckin embarassed. So I will leave you alone to to with your girl. She is a lucky lady
  6. it's okay.
  7. Omg I feel stupid. I get it now. Good for you two . I totally misunderstood. I'm gonna crawl away in shame now.
  8. Yeah, I got a girlfriend now. We went out to dinner that night.
  9. What's GF? Well whatever it is it better hurry cause I'm excited now. Something to look forward to.
  10. Doin my thing, you know. Right now, I'm waiting on my GF so we can go out.
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