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  1. I'm gonna stay in LA. I just had to move out the shithole I was in. What are you doin?
  2. oh wow, that sounds real shitty. I'm sorry . Where you moving too?
  3. Kicking my ass, from every direction. Im moving, no boyfriend, had the shit beat out of me the other day by a 250 bulldyke. I weigh 120 so I got my ass beat
  4. Sounds stressful. Hows life been?
  5. surviving the jungles of LA by the fucking grace of grace
  6. Doing pretty good, yourself?
  7. hey dude! How are you doing?
  8. That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been good. Been going to school, chilling with friends.
  9. So the government fucked me over, I had to go back to work. What's up? with u? What's happening
  10. What kind of acting do you do? Indie films, shorts?
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