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  1. What's happening hot stuff?
  2. i hate this forum, im done. byebye girlie
  3. mmm which everone u gave me... why cant i pm u here? there i could give u mine again. but when i posted mine on ur message board i started getting weird emails: so i removed it from our chat... well pm me which one u want me to use and i will email u again... :0 xoxox
  4. What email did you use? I have about a dozen, currently...
  5. You emailed me? I never got one.
  6. I emailed u
  7. Will you send me your email because we'll get banned for talking about this here, but I have some info on that...
  8. HAHAHAH! I wish it was me.
  9. I was kinda wandering if it was u
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