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  1. oh and ps. it is so cute how sweetly you talked about your gf on your private/public thread! She seems like a sweetheart
  2. Hey Thi, I am not sure if you like Our Lady Peace or not but I thought I would just let you know incase you or any of your friends like the Clumsy album. OLP are doing a couple of shows in Canada where they are going to be performing the entire clumsy album as well as some other good old singles (I'm guessing starseed, naveed, theif, etc.,). But yeah so they are playing at Massy hall on March 12 (the march 13th show they are playing spiritual machines) and all info is here:
  3. Thanks for the nomination Thi, so sweet
  4. Make fun of York? I thought York was a good school? The only school I really make fun of is Brock because I know people who got in with literally 60 averages lol Anthropology, thats pretty sick. My best friend has her anthro degree actually and she is looking into a masters program in Ottawa that helps with international relief and disaster aid programs so you can work with like Red Cross and stuff. Actually, whats really lucky for you is even if you go job searching to find something in between when deciding what you really want to do, you'll get paid good cash because you're bilingual
  5. Oh yeah? So you've been in Canada for about 4 years ish? Did you go to Uni here?
  6. So you're french canadian?
  7. Tobys eh, cheap drinks?
    Have you ever been to the rolling stones bar?
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