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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Hi! What's up?
  3. Honestly I used to dislike you a bit, but now I think you are very intelligent.(That may sound different than I intend. I mean that as a compliment)
  4. Hi Thibault! What's up?
  5. Hey whats up?
  6. I am soooooo bored and I need to have a conversation with someone.
  7. Hi whats up
  8. Goodnight it is a school night so 10:00 PM is my bedtime unfortunately. No hard feelings?
    *Nervously laughs*
    *internet hugs*
  9. whatever i just dont find the point. i didnt literally mean dumb. i didnt say they were dumb i said people that convert after having experienced the world of technology. they would be more likely to get bored then people born into the group of amish people
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