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  1. for now....
  2. and you're next!

    nah do'nt worry you're safe
  3. haha!cool!
  4. Awsome!
    The other day I leanred how some people used to wrestle at the first olympics where they balenced on one foot and used one hand to knock the other person out of the ring,and I tryed it on my teacher
    .....and won.
  5. to be honest rodos is one of my favorite places in greece with the most sunshine days during the year (325 i think...).so now you have something to say at your school that they probably not know!check it on the web!
  6. Well the Rhode Island in usa is'nt actully an island, it is conected to the rest of the country on the east coast, it's the smallest state in our country.
    When Calumbus (or Rodger Williems, I can't remember) found the soon to be coloinie he saw alot of rocks and parts of land in the water and thought it looked like "Rhodes from Greece,or rodos however you like to say it". And decided to call it that.

    I think that's how it happened,right now I'm still in school and we are learning about acient greece, all about the athens and sparta.
  7. where is your island?we call it rodos but the english people call it rhode..i don't know why they call it like this...maybe its the same reason why they say athens and not athina which is the original name of the city..
  8. Really?That's so cool.
    I heard we got the name from a greek "Island Of Rhodes"
  9. i'm ok!r u from usa? we've got rhode island here too
  10. Good,nice to meet you
    How are you?
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