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  1. That's too bad... it would make things easier for sure =]
  2. Yeah it's scary, mostly because you can't fully control the horse all the time.

    I'm guessing you live somewhere with a big backyard to ride around in, right?
  3. I'm no professional horserider. I just ride sometimes when I travel. But I enjoy it alot.
    About the dogs... when I was maybe 8-9 years old, I was on a horse with my sister. I was behind her on the horse, of course, when we came up to a fence that had some dogs barking. The horse stood up, and fell backwards. Had my back screwed up from that fall... took along time for me to find the courage to ride again, haha.
  4. Easier to use this! How long have you been horseriding for? Dogs are never good alright, especially the ones who are used to chasing horses. My friends dog always runs aafter us in the field trying to bite the horses legs, but one day my friends horse gave him a kick and he stopped then =P
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