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  1. awh, no worries! thank you, i had quite a good day =D
  2. I just realized that I missed your b-day! So, Happy Birthday a couple of days late, I hope you had a great day
  3. thank you. I'm not very seriously into photography, because im too lazy to take pictures most the time, but i like it otherwise!
  4. Looks beautiful!
    Lots of beautiful photos on that account btw. I had to check your About Me info to see if it said something about photagraphy and it sure did You're really good!
    and i took some photos =D
  6. I'm glad to hear that!
    lol - I can see what you mean
  7. hey =) no broken bones thank god, but quite a few bruises.
    Twas nice and fun, except that i was there with my parents, so the night life wasnt so wild =P
  8. Hi! So how was your trip? No broken bones I hope?
  9. Snowboarding in Austria - that sure sounds like fun
    Have a nice trip!
  10. he's pretty good. just nice acoustic rock, and he's amazing live.

    I also used play piano a couple of years ago, but gave up. I wish i kept it on now though =(

    Anyway, i goota be off, I'm heading to Austria this evening to go snowboarding =D
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