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  1. Thank you =)
  2. Happy Birthday Alison!!!
  3. i dont think i was in the north, probably by the south coast somehwere.
  4. I live in Oporto! It's in the North of Portugal!? You shouldn't have been here! Especially if you came here in the Summer!
  5. ah yes, nice. America is really nice, especially california i think.
    Where in Portugal do you live? I cant remember most of when i was there, except for the water park =D
  6. Or in Scandinavia... Sweden, Denmark, Finland or Norway...
  7. Canada and USA! I would like to live there...
  8. where do you want to move to?

    I'd like to live in a few other countries, but probably end up returning to Ireland.
  9. I'm also 18! Yeah, I'm from Portugal... Unfortunately, cause I don't like living here... I hope move myself later...
  10. I'm 18. how about you?
    I also see you're from portugal. Last time i was there i lost my hat because it flew off the bus...
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