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  1. I haven't heard of them. I love the song Screamer though. He says "I wanna see movies of my dreams and pictures on my wall" It's always been one of my favorite quotes. I'll probably check out that song though, I want some new music.
  2. Hey. If I remember correctly, it's from "car" by Built to Spill
  3. Just a random question, is your signature quoting "Screamer" by Good Charlotte?
  4. u okay? i think u've had a bit too much! have fun with the hangover tomorrow
  5. A bit too much? You should send me a VM because it is entertaining deciphering ur posts!
  6. Hi!!! What's up???
  7. Hi! Why did you break our friendship?
  8. Yeah, it made me gag alright, one of the most awful feelings ever. I got a scope done a few weeks ago, but everything was normal, no ulcers or anything. So I just hope they find what's wrong so i can start to deal with it properly...i should know in 2 weeks or so.
  9. Yes, but i had already been on medication for acid reflix and GERD, without any improvement, so it's unlikely that its them. The doctor thinks it is stress causing it...but I really dont know, i just want them to figure it out
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