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  1. they were fucking amazing!!!
  2. Hey hope u enjoyed Blink as much as I did! xx
  3. oh god, no idea. Last time i was there, got a really cool, and pretty cheap apartment with a view of the castle...I think it was on Rose street or something. Guess it all depends on money. I'd be happy with a hostel, but my friends are a bit picky.
  4. haha duh ! where do you reckon you'll be staying?
  5. well, i'm irish, of course i like a good drink =P
  6. I take it you like a good drink then? Well Scotland is a good place for that :P
  7. Cool, i'll try keep all those in mind. It's either next month or in autumn/winter that me and friends are heading over...just depends on cost of flights and all that. Either way I cant wait to go back there
  8. Well it depends what day. I like the hive, especially on fridays (cheap drinks and plays rock music in one room, sometimes ever offspring lol), its cheap most nights too - wednesdays are bad though. Hmv picture house usually on thursdays, lava ignite on sundays and city on friday (these are dance and chart music though). for pubs its usually somewhere on grassmarket or opium(its always cheap drinks and is a rock bar, it has some pretty hrdcore people in there though lol). hope this helps lol, i'llk be up there on the 6th of august for my 19th
  9. i think i'm going to edinburgh next month. you must tell me where is good to go to, to get drunk =P
  10. haha cool i think i've heard about those. thanks
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