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  1. i hope it works out
  2. I have a theory on how to cure AIDS. My teacher had a professor in college who now does research for AIDS and he is having my theory sent to the lab. I really hope it works so I can get the money. I would donate all of it(what they need) to the cause in my signature(not YouTube LOL). Then I would donate the rest to my cousin Cindy, who unfortunately needs a double-lung transplant(Fortunately, even without it, she is doing very well right now! )
  3. could have a go...
    im not brilliant at it, i just have a certain interest in it.. i had to stop doing science in order to do Psychology and Sociology at college.. the science modules didnt fit with the other things i wanted to take. its unfortunate really, because i loved chemistry at high school.
  4. I like Men In Black(another creepy movie if you think about it happening). I am very into science but more like molecular biology and organic chemistry rather than physics. I am taking a physics course(not total physics, but for ninth graders) this year. Would you care to internet help me if I need it?
  5. indeed.. Will Smith was awesome in it XD

    I prefer I Am Legend though
  6. I think it is cool but the fact that they make them so human like is even worse. Much like Artificial Inteligence. iRobot was great but the way those robots look is just a bit creepy! LOL!
  7. im pretty into the whole physics thing anyway, so being able to make a robot that walks heel-toe is pretty amazing.

    Quite creepy though.. i cant help but think about iRobot XD
  8. It is a bit scary in some ways, though. I am okay!
  9. Well.. im okay, just pissed about what was said to me in the thread about me being a prime example of why our generation is so shit... but other than that pretty good.
    How are you?

    And as for the robots.. i think theyre pretty cool... i still think people do it just cause they can though XD
  10. So... are you against human robots like I am?
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