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  1. I won't let you snoring don't worry. I know what I have to do
  2. Oh, I can imagine...I'm not against it though. I want to get a good fuck from you at night I won't be snoring, I promise!!!
  3. Michal I didn't know you look so great from behind I am really surprised. Who knows what I would do at the night, if you'll be sleeping
  4. Yep

    10 damn characters
  5. hey Michal is it really you?
  6. O_O
    How dare you???

  7. ohhh hi Michal. Sorry I didn't recognize you
  8. I AM sexy, you idiot! I've hacked her profile in here, also icq and msn, so you won't be able to chat with her anymore!!! Finally, I'll be fast asleep, won't hear any noise!
  9. bulshit. he is not so sexy
  10. your roomate
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