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  1. yeah sure
  2. do you think?
  3. wow it sounds really interesting!!!!Great!!!!
  4. it's not only about that. Andragogy has very wide concept. I don't know how can I explain you this, couse my english knowledge aren't so good But for example staff training in organization is about andragogy too Or I can work as a pesonal manager too Like I said andragogy has very very wide concept It's all about helping people in their personal life, occupative life and further training
  5. what do you mean?are you gonna be sth like teacher for adults?
  6. it's about adult learning and adult education
  7. humm..not reallywhat is it?
  8. I'm studying an andragogy. Do you know what is it?
  9. haha truewhat are you studying to be?
  10. Yeah I'm student... I hate it. But not the student's life...this is great
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