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  1. I just did. I have no idea what's going on anymore, it's been so long.
    You should go on my forums again.
  2. Yeah i know xD
    But you should though
  3. ....No.
    I was watching Cone.
    The Sayonara one is now on my MySpace.
  4. lol
    they were funny!!!
    Did you reply to our rp on myspace yet?
  5. Obviously. I watched THREE videos in ten minutes and gave the links to you.
  6. Lol
    he did you get high speed yet?
  7. The Operation M.D. Sayanora is like the best. Cone got busy...
  8. Okay. NOW my avatar is better than yours.
  9. Nobody has been buying RAFRAG from Wal-Mart...Me sad.
    I'm going to sing Kristy in front of the stand and see if anyone starts to buy it.
    Cone is MY bitch.
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