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  1. Yeah. Wanna come over and watch it?
    Why the fuck were there just HORSES in my front yard?
  2. Did Huck It Come Yet???
  3. My Cone avatar is better than yours!
  4. 1. Write down what you want it to say.
    2. Put a [url=] in front of the word you want.
    3. Put a [ /url] (without the space) after the word.
    4. Ta-da! It should have a link.
  5. Well how do i put it on?
    i tried and its all freaky
  6. You need to put a link to the forums in your sig, like, right now.
    The URL.
    Preferably put it in a song lyric, so it catches people's eyes. Try out "Dance, fucker, dance."
    Yeah, that should work fine.
  7. Peace. See ya.
  8. It's been over since i put offspring on but then turned off the music
    so i wouldnt wake my aunts baby...
    Well night night
    I may log in later tonight or somethin' bit who know
    peace out
  9. Ya, at 5-ish. I go in whenever the fuck I feel like.
    Okay then. Is the Tokio Hotel over?
  10. well you have more noise so i guess so
    I'm gonna go now it's late and i have to wake up early
    do you work tomarrow?
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