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  1. My dad likes them, my mom likes Dexter.
    But after hearing the same song 15 times in a row, it probably gets annoying.
  2. My family's already pissed off with RAFRAG and I've only had it a day.
  3. I've always wanted to visit Australia.
    So, is it like midday over there? Or is it the evening? Or what? I'm not very good with time zones...
  4. I'm in the US. I live very close to Mexico. I live in a shitty little ghetto that I now dub Nothingtown after listening to RAFRAG way too many times in one day.
    Where do you live?
  5. I can agree with him on some things, but to me, he seems like he's so bigheaded that he has to talk down to everybody.
  6. Is it just me or is Scythe talking down to you and Camilamazed (I think that's her name)?
  7. haha, why thank you for the compliment.
    You seem pretty darn cool yourself.
  8. You seem cool, especially since you're on the forums during a meeting.
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