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  1. Hey becca, I think I found you on ourstage, but I didnt know how to add you as a friend, you don't seem to be very active on there at the moment anyway. I was thinking your friend Ludwig (did I get that right?) should put some of his stuff on there...
  2. Oh, you're from Inverness? That's where one of my sister's best friends is from (and she's just got back from there, and from a trip across england, from there to birmingham to cornwall to land's end...)
  3. Yeah it was awesome to have so much exciting news at the same time. Before going to bed last night, I noticed the writer had sent me emails with the comic book with my translation, but I had to wait this morning to download it all. He also asked me to translate the part with the copyright saying that the translation rights belong to me! lol that's just really exciting. Who cared if I'm not being paid for the moment?
  4. Hey Jo. That's so cool! So do you have any pictures of the actual comic with your translations on? Or will you get a copy when it's printed?
    You must be really pleased with both you and Randy having such good things happen on the same day
  5. Hey Becca just had to say, I'm excited! Hehe cause the author just send me the copyright and finished pages of the comic book and I wanted to tell you! lol and there's nobody on the fisticuffs group to talk about it with!
  6. Hey! Sorry I missed you earlier. I was in the university library doing work and my laptop battery died. I can see you're online now though How are you?
  7. Wow you're actually online. how are you? I keep refreshing the fisticuffs group hoping somebody will write something, but I guess when nobody else is there nobody is bothered to write anything. Things always happen when I'm away, which will be soon...
  8. Im gonna go offline but I just had to say yay I've managed to connect to internet on my laptop! It got stuck for like a year without working... I don't know if it would be easy to find a publisher in America. But just working in a publishing company/booshop whatever would suit me. And Randy seems to think that I'd find a job with not too much trouble with a Masters degree... so I'll just have to see. At least I'm educated which is already a start!
  9. There's something about working in a bookshop or library that appeals to me too, but unfortunately I stopped reading as much and barely do it at all now unless is course notes. I used to read all the time when I was younger. I think my eyesight has a lot to do with me not reading now. My eyesight is awful and reading makes me head hurt lol
    Would it be easier to get a publisher in the states then?
  10. Ive got a NC writer who's asked me to translate some of his novels. But of course, Ive never translated a whole novel yet or got any translation published cause we haven't found any publisher yet. Ive had little odd translation jobs, that are not paid much.
    The one thing that has been published is articles I used to write for a local rewiew. And they even did a dvd for the about the 10 years anniversary or something. SO heh I'm being interviewed on a dvd. But only in french, and no subtitles! but it's still cool.

    Any kind of job with books, like book shop or library would be awesome for me. I don't mind a job that involves sitting down all day... and with books.
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