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  1. Lot of work, more to come, itīs main season now, but thatīs ok, I enjoy more the free time I have
  2. Thanks! I hope so!
    So how are you?
  3. youīre gonna make it, work on it, yeah!
  4. Aah right. Sorry I didn't get that first time
    It's just for fun and to practice on. I have a real kit as well, but my room is far too small for it. I'd like to be a professional drummer some day though
  5. is that kit for work or for fun?
  6. Hey, umm, what did you mean in my photo comment?
  7. Glad youīre alive, on vacation now, wasting time
  8. Hiya. Yeah, I'm doing ok thanks. My internet connection is really bad at the moment so haven't been able to get onto the boards much. How are you? x
  9. how are you, I havenīt see you long time, are you doing fine?
  10. Definitely not god, just life loving mortal.
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