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  1. Hehe, well, you don't HAVE to, but it'd be fun!
  2. Guess I gotta go to Scotland then
  3. Yeah, you gotta get some hella loud punk stuff recorded and send it to me! Either that or come visit Scotland and I'll record for you, hehe.
    Thanks! Quite a compliment And yep, just myself
  4. I did the recordings many timez. Got some simple tracks in my phone, but that´s really shitty quality stuff. I´d love to play on a proper guitare with a huge amp n something that would record my punk U´re welcome. I dig U there. Lookin´ like the real underground there. Just yourself?!
  5. And also, thanks for the photo comment
  6. Of course I remember you! Why wouldn't I?
    Nothing much new with me. Haven't really done anything musical lately. Played guitar a little but I didn't record anything. What about you? You done any recording? I wanna hear!
    P.S. - AWESOME hair!
  7. N what´s new with U? Any new projects? It´s been some time since we last chat, right?
  8. Hi B So U still remember me. GREAT! Glad to hear from U Well I´m doin´ pretty much fine. Had some tough days in December, but I feel great now. I just work, drink n doing a lot more stuff. Like rockin´ guitar
  9. Dude, how the heck are you? x
  10. Hehe, I dunno. You're a get-up-and-go kinda person I guess. Unlike me, I'm way too lazy, lol
    Glad you're feeling a bit better now
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