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  1. Haha even though my overall stamina is actually pretty good, my drumming stamina is ruined because of my lack of proper technique. Actually, I rarely play drums, too. That's because my 8yo brother started playing 2 years ago, so I thought, hey why don't I start too? So, I'm using his set, the throne is way too low for me, that makes the whole experience annoyingly uncomfortable and I practice like once every 2 weeks for 15 minutes. That's why I think I have a talent for drums haha I don't want to sound like a braggart - I'm still a crap drummer but I managed to nail down Self esteem in about two months of playing (for a total of maybe 6 hours then) - which I think is pretty good - including all the cymbal accents, and after another month I was able to add in my left foot while playing on the ride cymbal - I like to do that because it looks cool
  2. Yeah, but not every day for 14 years, lol. I'm really out of practice at the moment. I don't have the stamina for drumming that I used to have. I got lazy!
  3. haha nofx songs are really stamina-hungry
    I'm sure you nailed their famous beat, though - you've played drums for 14 years, right?
  4. Haha, same here. I love to sing but I'm pretty awful at it, so I only do it when no one else is around
    I started playing drums, guitar and bass when I was 11, in music class. I loved drums so they became my main instrument. I don't play as often now but still love it. I actually remember trying to play along to NOFX songs when I was about 13 or 14. Needless to say, it didn't go too well, haha.
    Trumpet and keyboard both sound like good choices for something to learn. I'd definitely pick one of those, or saxophone!
  5. It's really awesome that you play all of those instruments

    I only gave up singing. Sounds good to me under the shower, but when I record myself, it's like an ear rape.
    I picked up the guitar 11 years ago and I'm not planning on giving it up Never ever in my life. I've played bass and drums for only two years but drums have to be my favorite instrument. I like to beat the sh!t out of them. I mean, my technique is pathetic but I'm still having fun trying to play NOFX songs.

    and you're so not too old for learning piano! I will also want to learn a new instrument sometime soon, I just can't decide between trumpet (for ska punk songs) and keyboard (for post punk mixed with electronic music). Or I'll just try to work on my singing to get it back in shape.
  6. Haha, just the singing? Or all of it? that's cool. That's pretty much what I play, too. Trying to learn piano but it's a very slow process. Think I'm too old now!
  7. I play guitar, bass and drums. I used to sing, too. Now it hurts my ears.
  8. Ah right. Man, that takes some real determination.
    So what else are you interested in? I added you as I saw your posts in the home studio thread. I guess you play an instrument?
  9. 6 years college + 6 years residency. I'll be around 30 then. Unless they kick me out haha
  10. 12 years?!?! Wow, what kind of doctoring are you studying? So you'll be almost 30 by the time you gradate, hehe, that's kinda crazy. You must be pretty committed though, which of course is a good thing
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