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  1. ummm... kinda long term haha! But I've already been through half a year out of 12 sucky years lol! That's what it takes to become a specialized doctor. But the first year is the hardest, the second year is still hard but much easier than the first and for the next 10 years it's not that bad. Hopefully I will finally have some free time then.
  2. Hey. No worries at all. And I believe honesty is the best policy :P
    Sorry to hear things are sucky though. Hopefully it's only short term?
  3. hey I accepted the invitation and I forgot to post a message here. Sorry about that...

    Well I'd say 'I'm fine' but if you want me to be honest I'll have to say 'things kinda suck' lol!
  4. Hey, how's it going?
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