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  1. Hehe, I think that's kinda cool. If you are passionate enough about something then go for it. Music is my passion really, but there are only so many music tattoos you can get! So how are you anyway?
  2. Yeah, I think I've thought about the tattoos long enough to know I want them. The one I'm most certain I'll get is a megaman one, I figure I've liked that game since I was like 5 yrs old and still do and I play it very often. It might sound dumb, but it's just as geeky as me.
  3. Hiya. Sorry it's taken s long to reply! That's cool that you got into the Offspring so young.
    Make sure you choose any tattoo ideas carefully. I have a tattoo now that I sort of regret getting, so just make sure it's definitely what you want!
  4. I don't have any tattoos, though I'm planning on having some (maybe 3 of them, but I could end up just getting one or 2), but I want to lose some weight before I do that cause I wouldn't want the tattoos to look all screwed up if I lose weight after getting them.

    I've been a fan since Smash, but not exactly since the release of it more like 1995.(I was 7) an uncle had Marilyn Manson's Smells Like Children, Nirvana's Nevermind, Green Day's Dookie and The Offspring's Smash, and one day I decided to take all of his albums that I thought had cool, funny or scary covers and I started listening to all of that.

    I don't listen to MM anymore, Green Day I mostly listen to Dookie and pre-Dookie, Nirvana and offspring = God haha.
  5. I'm just new to the forums. I've been a fan since I was about 14 (I'm 24 now). I'd heard Ixnay for the first time just before Americana came out, then when I heard it I was hooked. You been a fan for long? Got any tattoos yourself?
  6. I've always liked dragonfiles, that and my other favorite band (Coheed and Cambria) all have dragonfly tattoos so that's mainly why I think it looks pretty cool. Are you a new offspring fan or just new to the forums?
  7. Hey, thanks. It's one of many Um, it doesn't really have a particular meaning generally, but for me it has a lot of personal meaning behind it. How are things with you anyway?
  8. that's a rad tattoo, what does it mean?
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