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  1. Yeah, been hearing about the gigs and stuff. I'm glad you're getting a reliable band together now. It certainly wasn't before time!
    You definitely need to start getting some more photos and videos up of gigs and rehearsals and things. I know there have been a few bits and bobs but the fans demand more! :P
    What have I been doing lately that sounds interesting?
  2. teeheehee, you're too kind.

    I've been doing well. Just working and doing the band thing. Getting ready for some gigs and such. I figured I had to try to catch back up with you because it seems like you're up to some pretty interesting stuff these days. If I don't catch you on MSN, what's up?
  3. Well hellllooooooo there. Long time no speak. How are you, you handsome devil?
  4. Yellooo
  5. Hehe, 'twas a compliment, indeed. And thanks a lot! I don't think you guys have to worry about me being spoiled much today. I won't have time. :S Plus, after last year's events, I think I'll keep it simple this time.
  6. Hehe, I think I'll take that as a compliment, so thanks!
    Hope you have a fantastic birthday and don't get too spoiled, although like Marika says, a little bit is ok xx
  7. oh, btw, thanks. You're handsome, too.
  8. Hey! You're welcome. And thanks for the heads up. I've added you.
  9. Hey. I just wanted to say thanks for the message on MSN. It took me a while to get it because I'm using yahoo messenger at the minute because MSN has stopped working on my dad's laptop. I only got it when I signed into ebuddy . Anyway, if you want to add my yahoo addy, it's my username at
    Hope you're well
  10. You texted me and I didn't get?! Lyfe iz payne.

    What did you say? And thank you! And good night-ish.
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