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  1. I found your profile through "About Me" right over here. And no, I don't have any account (yet). Maybe I'll create one? Seems fun!

    You thought the Cube was better? Heheh. Well, the Vox is a tube so it got a clearer sound, it got more effects, more amp models's just better. But it's a little more expencive too, so. ^^

    And yup, it actually goes a little better now... After some more practising I think I will have it. Maybe I'll upload a clip soon. It's absolutely not perfect, and it's not the sound I want.

    "Dexter's Laboratory"? Never heard of, just thought the sentence was funny. xD
  2. Hahaha, cool! I see your message on my fridge. I used to have even more crap! How'd you find my profile? Oh, and you can add me if you have one.

    I'm glad the Vox is better, as I would have thought the Cube is. Are you getting any better? You should record something, so I can hear how you're doing so far. And thanks about the signature! Do you recognize it? It's from the first episode of that cartoon "Dexter's Laboratory" :P
  3. Nope. But I have borrowed the Cube 30, so it's not crisis, heheh. We have planned getting it Thursday, 'caus they probably have it by then.

    And just if you wanna know - the Vox is better than the Cube. ^^
    And your signature is awesome. "You're stuuupid. And another thing, you're stuuuupid." xD

    So, how's it going there? I leaved a message on your myspace if you can find it (on the funwall-thing, where you drag letters to make a message).
  4. Hehe, what's up Stylie Duden? Got your amp yet?
  5. Hey! Of course I will. And thanks for your help.
  6. Hey, dude. Let me know what kind of guitar you get, if you decide to.
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