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  1. thanks for yoru kind gesture
  2. Happy birthday!!!!
  3. Oh, about my husbands job in Turkey. It was a top secret job!! Read your private messages!!!! Take care, Julie an I am glad u liked my favorite band other than the offspring!!
  4. this can be weird for you to hear it from a 19 years old boy
  5. sorry for answering so late... I've already watched "sarah smile" on youtube and I liked it.
    Some of their songs are funny though, especially the videos. but it is 80ies its ok. I like 80ies and 90ies. some how when I listen to anyone from 80ies or 90ies it makes me relieved...
  6. I have a turkish laptop and the keypad is unfamiliar to me. It is called an arcelik. The letter c has a dot or swirl under it. It is his old laptop!!
  7. thanks for your message and informing me about the blond guy julie. I'd gladly listen to them. and bytheway what did your husband do here for work?
  8. Hi!!! The blond guy is Daryl Hall from Hall and Oates!!! The greatest duo of all time in music history dude!!! I know how beautiful Turkey is, my husband lived there for a while, and worked there!! Take care, Julie
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