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  1. I just checked it out here itīs not like old days in here though so I donīt visit this place like I used to.
  2. Look who's here!!!!!!!Wazzup?xD
  3. Hello V Same beautiful things to U girl A of joy n love for upcoming timez Have a nice 2010!!
  4. Hey V.!Merry Xmas and a Happy New Yeeeeeaaaaar
  5. Iīm fine Iīve got 5 straight free days. Thereīs punx gig tomorrow, so I canīt wait Gotta enjoy it as much as I can What about U?
  6. Study? Ehhhh....bleeee I wanna get back to school Awesome timez, just relaxinī outside in city park drinkin pretty much no duties
  7. hey there V! i'm ok though i've so much to study [grrrr..] lol and how r u my friend? x
  8. Hi beautiful V I donīt know, still livinī the same shit over n over, but survivng only. The summerīs gone n so my mood! Well I do what I do best! Drink beer like never before. U know no gigz around just no fun like that. But Iīve got my best people around me all the time. N Iīm thankful for that. N how are ya? Please listeninī carefully
  9. hey V how r u? what's new with u?
  10. Ehh I donīt remember. I wasnīt in da hotel with da Offys, but just got a fast pick with Noodles Hope to talk to him ltr!
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