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  1. heeey soooo long time no speak!!i'm ok now..had some troubles before r u?xx
  2. Hey! how r u Vanessa?

    miss u girl


    see ya.
  3. Hey! how r u Vanessa?

    miss u girl


    see ya.
  4. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Yeeeeeaaaaar boy
  5. I'm ok grl

    Well, i'll going to a Rock Festival in a city near here, but i don't take off Brazil anymore.
    Maybe, at January 15th i'll go to San Diego- CA, in a Hostel at Ocean Beach with some friends. Bye!
  6. hey i'm ok boy but i have a looot to study so i dunno if i go somewhere for xmas lol and u?how r u?will u travel?
  7. Hey, i was in trouble with my internet for a time
    But now its ok.

    How r u girl, are u go travel this xmas?
  8. heeeeeyyyyy boy so long time no speak!!!

    i'm ok [sometimes more, sometimes less like everyone i guess..] and how about ya?
  9. hey! wassup grl?

    miss u on my "scrapbook"

    see ya!
  10. Ok, u should listen to our songs on this link:


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