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  1. Tired, anxious.....ready to achieve my goals
  2. Yay!!!!That's so great dear!!!! And how do you feel?
  3. Ummmm, they said I am a cancer survivor, but still in danger,so I need and need close observation. I asked if I was completely cancer free and they said no & they can not tell me that I am 100% cancer free. Start enjoying life
  4. Ohh really???? What happened?What did they say? xD
  5. The news is everything is great
  6. So the judge said he would mail me his decision....
    So whats it like living in greece?
  7. When u have news let me know dear! <3
  8. I totally understand the time zone thing. No worries . I have my big medical hearing tomarrow, so I am stressed out. I probably should read that book from my neighbor. I definetly need xxxoooooop
  9. Hey i'm here!Sorry my dear my timezone is different & i was sleeping when u messaged me I'm Sagittarius.What happened with that book?It's not stupid of you dear ,it's normal but why don't u do something more amusing instead of reading medical books my friend? *hugs*
  10. Ok where r u, I need neighbor got a book on understanding cancer, and I tried to read it.......but it was too much for me....which is, stupid of me
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