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  1. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Yeeeeeaaaaar
  2. I am doing a lot better than I was recently and I am much happier than a few days ago!
  3. it was a cool day hun but now i'm back to studying lol
  4. That was the cutest little graphic! I love bunnies!
  5. Your welcome! How was your birthday?!

  6. thank u so much dear xxx
  7. Either way... Happy Birthday!

    I couldn't choose!
  8. I have always had make-up. I used to have Tinker Bell chocolate flavored lipstick. I don't need to wear mascara because my lashes are so thick but I already use other make-up. Maybe I will try a bit of mascara. Thanks but I think you are prettier than me. I might have green-blue eyes but nothing else about me is pretty!
  9. i did and i really think u have a very pretty face [aw i always wished i had green-blue eyes like urs lol] u r just 1-2 years u'll start using mascara,eye shadows,eye pencil etc [girls' secrets..hehe] n u'll be a beautifull punk young lady cause u already r pretty personally i started using them ,out of home, after i was 17 i think lol [but i secretly tried my mom's cosmetics in bedroom since i was 5 hahaha]
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