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  1. Thanks I'm fine, good and bad things happen as well. But I'm still living. How are you? What are you doing these days?
  2. Heeey Martha! Long time since we spoke! How are things, doing okay?
  3. Hey!!! )))))
  4. You too to Zagreb huh.. damn seems like I'm missing the the going-away-party of this tour, a lot of people will be there!
    Ha yeah, well hopefully me and Oxy will be able to plan some cool stuff with some of the other board members like yourself.
  5. This weekend I'll go to Wiesen and Zagreb. And of course, next tour I have to go at least 10 shows too. XD So next time we will have more parties together. haha just can't wait their next tour though this one isn't over yet.
  6. Unfortunately no.. Paris was on my wish-list and if only I could go to Zagreb.. but it's time to start making money again. Meh.. no fun.
    Next tour though.. at least 10 shows!

    What about you then?
  7. Heyy! What's up? Are you gonna go any other Offspring shows this year?
  8. Oh... that's tricky! Maybe I will!
  9. Really? You would help? Then make one!
  10. Hey Martha! Sorry, don't have Facebook, otherwise I would've definitely helped you out!
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