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  1. Hey!!! If you have facebook (and like me a little XD) please vote under my photo and let me go to the slovakian Offspring show! Thank you very much! And the link is:
  2. Of course I just can't wait the show. And to meet you all again, and yeah, this time we have to talk, this summer I must learn the language, 'cause I need it for my new work. So after my exam period I gonna do everything about this project.
  3. 30.. hehe, if only thanks though!

    Excited about Sziget yet? Only 2 months away... You and I are meeting for the 3rd time then, and you promised to talk to me this time
  4. Hey! Happy 30. birthday!!!! XD
  5. Yeah, I send it, come to msn
  6. Hey uhm... -L-
    Calling you -L- is weird, what's your name?
    And how did you make those letters in the A Lot Like Me artwork? Could you send me your PSD file?
  7. Sorry sorry sorry because of my Lot like me picture, I'm very bad from English language And when you wrote "I'll give it a shot" I didn't understand, that it means, that you do that artwork. I didn't want to steal your work. I hope you're not angry.
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